Jan 15 2015

Avoid These If You Want to Throw a Wedding Party

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WeddingParty 300x225 Avoid These If You Want to Throw a Wedding PartyLast week, my friend met me at my home sweet home. I was quite surprised at looking him because I just knew that he worked in another city and had tight business schedule there. I provided warm coffee and asked him about his purpose. Actually, he wanted to throw a wedding party next month. He asked for my suggestions and tips because I am an experienced wedding organizer. Do you plan to throw the same party next month and need suggestions and tips too? If you do, you should prepare enough budgets first and make wedding invitations soon. Besides, avoid doing these: Continue reading “Avoid These If You Want to Throw a Wedding Party”

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Dec 11 2014

Things I Love from Moving House

Category: HomeDaniella @ 3:54 am

happy moving house Things I Love from Moving HouseA couple weeks ago, I found my cousin looking so tired and depressed after moving house. The same thing happened when I helped my best friend relocate to a new residence in Arizona. Further, I also read a lot of articles about how stressful moving house is. Why? Is it that depressing? Based on my own experience, I love many things about house relocation. Want to know more? Read on! Continue reading “Things I Love from Moving House”


Oct 28 2014

Tips for Stay-at-home Mom

Category: WomenDaniella @ 4:21 am

Stay at home Mom Tips for Stay at home MomLife after marriage is not easy for some women especially those who become stay-at-home moms. They often get bored of similar daily routines. Thus, here we are going to share some tips that can be useful for stay-at-home mom to avoid boredom and stress: Continue reading “Tips for Stay-at-home Mom”

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Sep 21 2014

Financial Tips for Single

Category: FinanceDaniella @ 11:20 am

Housewife finance3 Financial Tips for SingleAre you still single? Still have no plan for marriage in the near future? How’s your financial life? Just because you are still single, doesn’t mean you don’t have a need to manage your money well and make financial planning. When you already have a job and earn money by yourself, don’t be wasteful although you only pay yourself.

In this opportunity, we are going to talk about some financial tips that are extremely important for single:

Pay the bill and debt on time

Always pay your debt on time because if you’re once trapped in debt, you will be dealing with financial trouble that can be stressful. Overdue payment requires you to pay interest rate, too. You need to set reminder if you tend to forget paying your debt on time. The types of debt you probably own are credit card, mortgage, vehicle installment, electricity & water bill, and so forth.

Start saving or investment

You need to start thinking about future as early as possible because life is not just at the present. Be prepared for your future by saving or doing investment. You need to have a separate bank account to save some of your monthly income. If you want to do investment, make sure to pick the right investment instruments. Want to invest in gold? Perhaps, you prefer to invest in property? Forex trading is today’s popular investment method. Read about perdagangan valas untuk pemula.

That’s all. Paying bill/debt on time and starting to save money are two crucial financial tips for every single.

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Aug 06 2014

Have Proportional Body

Category: Exercise,Health,TipsDave @ 6:47 am

LG Sciences Battle Hardener 300x300 Have Proportional BodyMy cousin has proportional body. His body looks cool with lean muscles. Now, he is a football player at his university. There are many girls who admire and fall in love with him because of his proportional body and achievement. How about you? Do you have proportional body? If you answer no and want to have it, you have to work hard because having proportional body is not easy. There are many things that you should and should not do. Continue reading “Have Proportional Body”

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Jul 17 2014

Popular Tourist Destinations in Bali

Category: UncategorizedNovita @ 2:18 am

Want to travel to Bali? Apart from having to set up a hotel as a place to stay while you are in Bali, you are also strongly advised to know the tourist area in Bali and uniqueness. This is not another so that you can determine which area to choose from or visit during a vacation in Bali.

Celuk Popular Tourist Destinations in Bali# Ubud

Ubud is an area next to the middle of the island of Bali. Ubud has unique and distinctive characteristics as beautiful region. Why is that? This is not because synonymous with terraced rice fields of Ubud. Other than that, the area is also known as the Ubud area artists. Therefore, the average resident of Ubud has proficiency in the artwork.

# Celuk

Celuk is known for crafting gold and silver district. This is not because almost all of the population in a craftsmen Celuk gold and silver. If you visit this area to buy gold and peraj craft or to just learn and look at the manufacturing process, you can visit at any time from morning to afternoon.

# Tanjung Benoa

To the east of Bali, you can visit Tanjung Benoa. Tanjung Benoa watersport can be said of his world. Therefore, all the water sports ranging from canoeing, parasailing, speed boat, to snorkel can be done in this area. If you watersport lovers, Tanjung Benoa be a great place to visit.

# Kuta

Kuta tourist area generally known as cheap. This is not because of the start of lodging, food, souvenirs are all offered up with a relatively inexpensive compared with other regions, especially the Seminyak area. So, if you want to stay, Balinese food tasting, and buy souvenirs typical of Bali you can visit in the Kuta area.

Jul 02 2014

Enjoy Watching MMA Fight

Category: Information,TipsDave @ 1:35 am

MMA fight Enjoy Watching MMA FightSome people like watching MMA fight because it is cool and enjoyable while some others might assume that it is worth watching. How about you? Do you like watching MMA fight? If you answer no because you don’t like watching extreme sports, it is no problem. Nevertheless, if you like watching the fight, it is good, especially if you are a true MMA fan. Continue reading “Enjoy Watching MMA Fight”

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Jun 25 2014

Using a Reliable AC Service to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Category: Home,TipsDaniella @ 7:00 am

AC Contractor Using a Reliable AC Service to Improve Indoor Air QualityIndoor air quality is one of the most essential things that support our comfort at home or productivity at office. It’s important to make sure the air we breathe doesn’t harm our health. To improve indoor air quality, homeowners have several tasks to do. Basically, they have to maintain home cleanliness by sweeping and mopping floor regularly as well as removing dust & stain. Putting indoor plants is also highly recommended to improve air quality inside the building. In addition, homeowners find it necessary to hire a professional AC contractor. Here are three things that an AC contractor can do to help you: Continue reading “Using a Reliable AC Service to Improve Indoor Air Quality”

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