Jul 01 2011

Why Do Women Want to Look Beautiful?

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Looking beautiful is the greatest wish of each woman in this world. Most women begin their day with the thought about what dress they will use day, how they’ll make up, and also how could they attract other people’s attention with their appearance. It is normal for women, but most men couldn’t understand why women could spend hours in front of the mirrors for dressing.

In fact, all of us realize that although most men say that they are also looking at inner beauty, not just the appearance, we know that the first thing men see is our appearance. We also often hear some men say that “ugly is absolute, but beautiful is relative”, so it’s normal that most women want to look as beautiful as they can.

Moreover, many ads are focusing and showing on women’s body, starting from the lotion, soap, moisturizer, until jewelry. Every ad is identical with beautiful women. Also, we can see many ads and artists are showing their sexy body. It makes us jealous and wants to be as slim and sexy as them. We sometimes also follow the way how they dress, try to wear club dresses too.

Most of the things can make us feel happier, sexier, more beautiful, etc. Personally, I think it is very good to make you proud of your body. But, never forget the importance our inner beauty too because at the end men will also see your inner beauty. It is useless to have beautiful face with bad behaviors.

Just to emphasize it, nothing is wrong with your wish to look beautiful everyday as most women in the world think the same!

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